April 3, 2017

Storytelling with Data: consumer alert

In March 2016 I gave a favourable review to a newly published book, Storytelling with Data by Cole Knaflic. Today (2017-04-03) she posted a new blog entry, "the book you're holding might be a fake!", in response to the discovery that poor-quality pirate editions of her books are available for purchase.

Knaflic's response has been exemplary: notifying people who bought the book what to look for in the knock-offs, and how to exchange the book for a proper copy. If you have a copy, go to the linked site above and check your copy against the description. (Fortunately, my copy is legit.)

This problem has alerted me to something I neglected to mention in my original review: the high quality of the physical book. The paper has a soft sheen which allows the print and graphics to stand out, the colours are sharp and consistent, and printing is clear.

A year later, my high opinion of this book has not shifted.