August 31, 2012

Open data comes to the Premier League

In the world of sabermetrics, what we now think of "open data" has been the norm for years, thanks to the likes of Retrosheet, Sean Lahman, etc.  But in other sports that has not been the case; witness this article at The Atlantic on the opening of performance data by the Manchester City Football Club and the team's own news release.


August 10, 2012

Trends in run scoring - comparing the leagues

My previous two posts have looked a using R to create trend lines for the run scoring environments in the American and National leagues.  This time around, I'll plot the two against each other to allow for some comparisons.

(The code below assumes that you've read the data into your workspace and calculated the LOESS trend lines, as I did in the previous two posts.)

One of the things I quickly appreciated about the R environment is the option to quickly compare and manipulate (for example, multiply) data from two different source files without having to cut-and-paste the data together.  For everything in this post, we've got two data tables (one for each league) and they remain separate.