November 14, 2010

2010 in retrospect

The 2010 MLB season has come to a close, and so begins a time of reflection and resolutions.

a) I started this blog, and rarely posted. I started a few posts, often in response to other blogs, but finished fewer still. I am confounded by the traffic on the blogosphere -- I thought I could respond thoughtfully and add something of value, but I find myself either repeating what gets said elsewhere, or sounding like a condescending pedant. Or both.

So I'll start off on a different tack, starting now.

b) I went to two MLB games in 2010. (There's nothing like living across an international border to the closest team, and 4,300 km from the "national" club). Two shutouts! Fangraphs has the results here and here.

c) The local pro team just announced they are closing up shop. More on that later.

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