January 7, 2012

The music of my mind

Jason Branon at Baseball Nation offers up "ProGS - The Pronunciation Guide For Sabermetricians", which is just what it says.

At first I thought, why bother? I tended to side with Jason's leader, Rob Neyer -- the only people who read this stuff never leave the house. And then I realized that isn't entirely true -- at the annual SABR convention (in Minneapolis this year), baseball nerds get together, and the quantitative specialists need to be able to argue about the "new stats" and the interpretation thereof, rather than wasting precious time and energy arguing about pronunciation. (Which is a whole other dimension of nerdiness.)

Perhaps someone can create a sabermetric rewrite of the Gershwin brothers' "Let's call the whole thing off" -- the tuh-MAY-toe / ta-MAH-toe song.

Fred shows Ginger how to execute an effective throw from second base on a double play pivot.


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